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Having a scalable ecommerce platform is crucial in the ecommerce world! Read and find out why scalable enterprise ecommerce platforms matter in today’s marketplace!

Building, launching, and running a successful online store requires considering a few metrics and factors at ones. You need to think of AOVs, ROIs, the CTRs, and much more. These things are essential and you need a good team to deal with them on a daily basis. But, within all of that nothing will slow down your business than an ecommerce platform that is not scalable. We can all agree that the ecommerce websites aren’t static or predictable. This is just one of the reasons why scalability is crucial in today’s competitive ecommerce world.
There is no tool or app that can tell you exactly how many visitors you will have a month or at a certain period of time. You can go through the analytics and come up with rough numbers for the future, however, nothing is for sure. The ups and downs in the ecommerce world depend on the day of week, on the time of year, the time of day, the current trends, and etc.
What are we trying to say is that your business may seem different in the summer versus in the winter. In some periods of the day, month or year, customers purchase fewer products.
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The traffic levels can also change based on offers and special promotions. As an online seller, the last thing you want is for your servers to go down two minutes after you have announced your sale. You are probably wondering what do these ups and downs actually mean for the modern retailers.
Well, one of the most important goals is to find a scalable ecommerce platform completely capable of handling the holiday rushes, the off-season slumps, and annual sales, and etc. If you don’t want to deal with technical issues, updates, and troubleshooting, we recommend you to choose a fully hosted ecommerce solution like Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus can guarantee you 99.99% uptime, as well as, limitless bandwidth. By choosing Shopify, you can worry more about planning your sales events and less about whether your ecommerce site is going to go slow down or annoy visitors. You will be able to focus on improving your marketing strategies and finding ways to attract new customers. In other words, the future of commerce starts here
Are there any consequences of deciding not to use a scalable ecommerce solution?
Yes, of course, there are. Besides your online store losing the lucrative conversion, a chance to increase sales and satisfy the needs of a larger group of customers, it reflects badly on your brand. According to one research, there may be damages in revenue, downtime, and reputation.
For example, if a customer or potential buyer tries to enter your website and finds an error message because your servers went down, this person will probably leave your website in a few seconds. They will see an error message on a website that can’t really meet their needs. We all know that there are no second chances at making a first impression and that is why you need to make sure your website works perfectly every time.
You might begin with a handful of visitors, but if you want to grow successfully, you will have to figure it out how to offer the same level of service to a bigger audience. If you are working hard enough, we promise your work will pay off and your e-store will gro. All you have to do is pick the right scalable ecommerce software and make sure your business is scalable every step of the way.